Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating is becoming more and more popular as people realise the real benefits. Radiant energy from the floor is absorbed by other surfaces within a room making them secondary emitters, which in turn emit heat into the room.

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Underfloor Heating

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Biomass Boiler fuel comes in the form of chips or logs, which can be manually added to the boiler when needed or condensed wood pellets, which can be automatically added to the boiler to maintain a constant temperature.

Some of the benefits of underfloor heating;

  • More space in your rooms
  • Lower heating costs
  • Even temperature throughout a room
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Quiet –no croaks and groans of old copper pipes
  • Can be used will almost any floor covering



They are very professional, friendly and will go the extra mile to explain all the technical aspects of this type of heating system and the scheme
Mr B - Darlington
They listened to our requirements and made several good suggestions as the technology has moved on considerably since our original system was fitted
Mr B - West Yorkshire
Excellent prior, during installation and after care
Mr H - Wakefield
I switched from LPG to a Ground Source Heat Pump. The savings have been huge, it is also far easier to manage – I don’t have to worry about heating. By far the best investment I’ve made in my home.
Mr Fisher


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