Project Description

Ground Source Cascade System – Middleton Tyas

Your name or initials and geographical location if preferred?

E Griffiths, North Yorkshire

Was this a new build or an existing building?

Existing building

Did you decide on an air or ground source heat pump?

Ground source heat pump

 What type of heating did you have previously?


Why did you decide to work with Yres?

The detailed, consultative and knowledgeable way that the enquiry was progressed from the start. An important factor was the opportunity to meet a previous customer who lived locally – it gave us huge confidence in making this step with YRES.

How would you describe working with the people at yres?

A genuine pleasure. We were in completely unchartered waters with the overall renovation and making such an important decision was initially daunting.  – we’d bought a property with a broken oil boiler and old piping/radiators. Gary and the team worked through the art of the possible in an extremely clear and understandable way.

Are you satisfied with the installation?

100% – it’s the best decision we’ve made with the property. Despite being a 19th century farmhouse, it is always warm and comfortable.

Does the heat pump deliver what you expected?

Yes – it is low maintenance and reliable. Running costs are in line with expectations.

Would you recommend yres to others?

Absolutely – we’ve been delighted to host other prospective customers to show them our setup and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Any other comments you would like to share?

This was by far the biggest investment we made in the renovation and wouldn’t have gone down this route were it not for the support from YRES.


0845 5198 854



9:00am – 6:00pm


0845 5198 854



9:00am – 6:00pm


I switched from LPG to a Ground Source Heat Pump. The savings have been huge, it is also far easier to manage – I don’t have to worry about heating. By far the best investment I’ve made in my home.
Mr Fisher
Excellent prior, during installation and after care
Mr H - Wakefield
They are very professional, friendly and will go the extra mile to explain all the technical aspects of this type of heating system and the scheme
Mr B - Darlington
They listened to our requirements and made several good suggestions as the technology has moved on considerably since our original system was fitted
Mr B - West Yorkshire


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