Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is now considered the best form of heating for new builds and renovations in the UK today. Rather than using inefficient radiators or fires scattered across your home, underfloor heating covers the entire surface area of a room, giving a more even distribution of heat from an invisible source.

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1How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating can replace existing radiators or work alongside them. Pipes are hidden under your flooring that carry a supply of warm water from your heating system, distributing heat across your home.

  • Invisible installation

    Underfloor heating uses pipework hidden under your flooring that replaces radiators. This pipework spreads heat through the floor, pleasantly warming you through from your feet upwards.

  • Warm from floor to ceiling

    Hot air rises, so to get the biggest benefit from heating you want the source to be as low as possible. Radiators heat the air waist height upward, meaning cold air is still circulated through the home.

  • Even spread of warmth

    The closer to the radiator you are, the warmer you get. But with underfloor heating spread across the whole room, the heat is even and you won't find cold spots.

  • Improve safety of your home

    Now there's no need to hide radiators behind furniture or worry about children touching the radiator. With underfloor heating you can enjoy clean lines and banish those ugly metal boxes.

2Why install Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is the modern way to heat houses and the preferred choice for people looking for an energy-efficient heating system today in the UK. With underfloor heating you can actually improve the way your home looks.

  • Save Money

    Because radiators only heat the air immediately surrounding them, it can take a long time to heat a room. Underfloor heating can heat a room much quicker and at less expense.

  • Add value to your home

    Whilst underfloor heating is very common it is by no means the most popular means of heating the home in the UK, however many house buyers see underfloor heating as a very attractive extra.

  • Improve aesthetics

    Now there's no need to hide radiators behind furniture or worry about children touching the radiator. With underfloor heating you can enjoy clean lines and banish those ugly metal boxes.

  • Connects to existing systems

    In most cases, you can keep your existing heating system. An underfloor heating system is merely a discreet substitute for radiators and won't necessarily require any extra equipment.

3How much does Underfloor Heating cost?

Despite being a cutting-edge technology, the popularity of underfloor heating in new builds means that this technology is affordable to everyone and isn't just a luxury for the super rich.

  • Comparatively cheap

    When looking at a traditional radiator set-up, the materials and labour costs of underfloor heating are only around 25% more than a typical installation. Factor that against the savings and added features and it is a very attractive package.

  • Flooring cover

    Many people will decided they want to change their flooring to gain extra efficiency from their underfloor heating system. Ceramic tiles, for instance, offer greater savings than carpets.

  • Maintenance

    Radiators need to be bled frequently to balance the system, but underfloor heating is fairly straightforward and requires very little maintenance.

  • Renewable Incentives

    If you combine your new underfloor heating system with one of the many renewable technologies out there you could be entitled to a grant and future annual payments for using this technology.

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