YRES Limited

Ground Source Heat Pumps Yorkshire

At YRES we aim to be a company that aids the green revolution. We want a future in which all energy comes from green, renewable sources. We do however understand this will not happen immediately, we need to work towards it. That is why we provide, supply and install some of the most innovative and reliable renewable energy sources in thousands of homes in the UK. Based in Wakefield we are one of the premier suppliers of ground source heat pumps in Yorkshire.

We offer a range of products that use renewable energy, save money and are environmentally friendly. We work with a range of sectors from private housing, public buildings such as schools, hospitals and we work with housing associations and local councils. With vast experience and a wide range of knowledge here at YRES we can work with clients to find the best solution for them.

Our range of products includes ground source heat pumps, solar PV, air source heat pump, biomass boilers and rain water harvesting. Ground source heat pumps work by using insulated pipes, which are fed liquid, are buried a few feet under the ground. Through these pipes the liquid is naturally heated from the soil and is insulated, heating up to 65 degrees which can then be fed to your home and used in central heating systems or hot water. With a ground source heat pump you can get many benefits including massive savings on your energy bills. You can save up to 60% on your annual fuel bill and as it is an environmentally friendly energy source you can apply for a range of grants to help cover the installation fees.

Ground source heat pumps are completely independent from general power grids and as you are generating your own energy you are free from rising energy prices. A recent report conducted by the Ministry of Defence has shown that the age of oil will be over by 2040. The decrease in this common fuel will drive prices up and make accessibility harder than ever. By installing a ground source heat pump you create your own energy. At YRES we aim to work towards a better and cleaner future of energy.