Air Source Heat Pumps

With an Air Source Heat Pump you have a future proof way of heating your home for years to come that is efficient, cost effective and kind to the world around you. This long-established technology is now available in the home and is subsidised by government grants giving an average payback of five years.

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Cut your heating bills by up to 40% AND get a grant of up to £850

1How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the air, even when it seems cold, providing a free source of heat all year round.

  • Efficient even in winter

    All air contains heat; using a pump and a compressor, these pumps extract that heat and condense it making it warmer.

  • Connects to existing systems

    Once the air has been heated it is channelled into your existing central heating for a constant and even temperature.

  • Quick & Simple installation

    This technology can heat your radiators and your water without any major upgrades to your boiler system.

  • Install inside or outside

    Most Air Source Heat Pumps are installed outside the home but some are installed inside, so long as there is plenty of airflow.

2Why should I install an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps save money and effort, they are clean and much more cost effective than many other alternatives.

  • Save Money

    These systems can reduce energy bills by up to 40%. Grants will contribute to installation costs and you make money by using renewables.

  • No Fuel Shortages

    You won't have to rely on fuel deliveries or be subject to price rises depending on the fluctuation of gas or oil costs.

  • Extremely efficient

    With a co-efficiency rating of at least 3, you will get 3 units of energy for the cost of 1.

  • Environmentally friendly

    The average household saves around 4,580kg of carbon emissions per year when switching from fossil fuels.

3How much do Air Source Heat Pumps cost?

Air Source heat pumps are now more affordable than ever thanks to government schemes which pay you to be eco-conscious.

  • Renewable Heat Incentive

    Thanks to this scheme you will actually earn money for every unit of heat you generate using this technology.

  • Renewable Heat Premium Payment

    Install an air source heat pump and you could be entitled to around £850 as part of current legislation.

  • Installation cost

    These vary by property dependent upon size and insulation levels. Prices start at £4000 and in most cases show an excellent ROI.

  • Fuel

    As air is in abundance, you will only have to pay for a small amount of electricity to power an air source heat pump.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can extract heat from air as low as -15ºC, making them ideal for installation within the UK and a suitable method of reclaiming heat energy in both summer and winter.

Just like a fridge, air source heat pumps are able to extract heat from air, but instead of expelling this air as a fridge does, the system increases the heat that it extracts from the outside air and channels it inside the building.

Although the pumps use electricity, the amount of electrical energy they use compared to the heat energy they generate, makes them a very attractive, efficient prospect for anyone looking to reduce their property's emissions.

How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Heat from the air warms fluid in the system, which is then extracted by the pump and fed through a compressor.

This compressor concentrates the heat which subsequently raises the temperature, making it suitable to be channelled into the home/building in order to provide heating, hot water or warm air.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

You will never run out of air! Air is abundant and available everywhere and as this system works in extremely cold conditions, it will work all year round.

If you are reliant on your fuel being transported to your home by road, an air source heat pump will not be affected by road closures or inclement weather - it will also save you money and help to reduce your annual C02 emissions.

Whilst other renewable energies may be costly or troublesome to set up, an air source heat pump will be a cost-effective and relatively easy installation, requiring less space and little, if any, groundwork. This means that they are suitable for both urban and rural areas.

Environmental Benefits

A typical system will aim to supply all of your heating and hot water requirements. When this is achieved, you should save money as well as reduce your annual C02 output.

Based on the average detached household using an electric heating source, this could equate to a saving of £700 per year in electricity costs and 5 tonnes of C02.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps
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