Whilst in almost every situation the cost savings of using renewable energy are justification enough the government has launched two schemes to incentivise homeowners and commercial organisations to move to renewable energy.

The government launched the first commercial renewable energy funding scheme in 2011.This scheme relies on quarterly meter readings and last for up to 20 years. For more details please follow the link:

In April 2014 the government launched a scheme for homeowners called the Domestic renewable heat incentive. Whilst some installations may require metering most are paid on a deemed energy level which is shown on the Energy performance certificate. This scheme is again paid quarterly but lasts for 7 years giving homeowners a faster return on their investment. For more details please follow the link below:



I found YRES staff helpful and friendly throughout the whole installation. Each stage was clearly explained and help was given with contacting my energy supplier and the data required for the FIT forms. I would recommend YRES to anyone interested in having solar panels fitted.
Mrs. Whitehead, Ossett
I would not hesitate to recommend YRES to anyone considering this form of energy saving, we look forward to saving some money whilst also hopefully doing our bit to help the environment in some small way.
Mr Eyre, Sheffield
I found YRES a very informative & helpful company, Also I am fully satisfied with the work that has been done, and would FULLY recommend YRES for solar panel installations.
Ian & Ann Whitehead
I switched from LPG to a Ground Source Heat Pump. The savings have been huge, it is also far easier to manage – I don’t have to worry about heating. By far the best investment I’ve made in my home.
Mr Fisher


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