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The Cost of Not Going Green

By now you probably know that the more energy your household consumes from sources such as nuclear power and fossil fuels is having a detrimental effect on the planet. But there's more to the problem than just increasing your CO2 emissions. Soon you could experience a heavy hit where you will notice the drawbacks in an instant – as the energy companies raid your pockets!

According to last week's report by Ofgem, the UK's energy regulator, Britain's energy infrastructure needs an overhaul totalling around £32 billion. This is a figure that will be passed directly to the customer, causing a potentially huge rise in the cost of your household's energy demands added to your monthly bill.

The solution to this could be quite simple – install renewable energy systems within your home and reduce your reliance on your utilities providers.

There is arguably no better time than now to turn your house green. Developing an eco conscious could actually make you money due to the governments Feed in Tariffs, which act as a tax-free incentive to encourage homes to adopt this technology.

Usually, the estimated payback time of a renewable energy system taking advantage of the Feed In Tariff would be around 10 years, but due to being tax free this figure is lowered to around six years. As the Tariff has been guaranteed for 25 years, this leaves you with at least 19 years of generating additional income – not to mention free electricity (and potentially free heating).

Installing systems such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, or solar pv panels will help to reduce your energy bills and can heat your home as well as provide your electricity. They are ideal for new builds or to be retrofitted to existing properties. And, most importantly, they will help you to avoid being landed with the utilities company's bills.

Jonathon ParkesRainwater Harvesting

Jonathon Parkes is a freelance writer and consultant specialising in rainwater harvesting and works regularly with YRES. If you are thinking about an eco-friendly alternative to your water supply. YRES can design and build custom made rainwater harvesting solutions to suit your needs.

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