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Solar PV A Good Option for Farmers

It's obvious that the rural community stands to benefit a great deal from renewable energy sources. From solar thermal to electricity-generating Solar PV, there are numerous cost-effective ways to harness the sun's energy.

With the government's recent introduction of Feed-In tariffs (FIT) individuals and businesses can make use of their roof space to generate income as well as lower their dependency on electricity and gas.

Gas in particular has been a relatively expensive luxury in rural areas that lie in locations away from a mainline supply, but with Solar Thermal PV you can heat your home much more cost-effectively by using the sun's rays.

For those who are highly dependent on electricity it is good to know that the government has given long-term backing (25 years) to the FIT system. People who adopt technology such as Solar PV will not only reduce their energy bills, they will be paid for every unit of electricity generated – whether they use it or not. Any excess energy can be fed back to the national grid for additional income.

It is estimated that because of the FIT scheme the average payback time of solar PV panels is around 10 years. Given the long life and low maintenance of these solar panels they are ideal to be installed on barns, stables and dwellings and could actually generate a large income across their lifespan, as well as add value to your home.

For those interested in Solar PV, be wary of who you commission for your installation. You will only quality for the FIT if your supplier is MCS accredited. At YRES, we make sure that all of our team are trained in the latest renewable technologies and, of course, we are MCS accredited.

Paul MacMillanSolar PV Panels

Paul MacMillan is an expert in renewable energy systems and chief Solar PV Panels blogger for YRES. YRES are an MCS accredited company specialising in sourcing and implementing a range of diverse renewable technologies ranging from Solar PV Panels to Ground Source Heat Pumps.

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