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Installing Ground Source Heat Pumps in the Home

Following the government's pledge to the RHI (renewable heat initiative) more and more stories are gaining attention in the national press for projects utilising Ground Source Heat Pumps on an industrial scale - but don't forget that you can also benefit from this technology in your own home, enjoying free heating and a tax free income for the heat you generate.

In order for the government to hit its eco targets, they have now given the go ahead to the RHI so that households and businesses who take advantage of Ground Source Heat Pumps can recoup their investment much quicker than usual - and as an added bonus you may even be entitled to one of several grants available, depending on your area.

RHI means that you will earn a fixed amount of money for every unit of heat you generate, whether you use it or not. And all of this income is tax free!

Ground Source Heat Pumps are not a new technology - they have been around 50-60 years, successfully delivering heat to a number of projects big and small. It is very much a proven and efficient technology.

Up until present, Ground Source Heat Pumps have been most common in Scandinavia, but with the government pushing its green agenda they are becoming extremely popular in the UK.

For those of you wondering how they work, the technology is simple - it's really like a fridge freezer in reverse. A series of looped pipes are buried in your garden through which a liquid is fed. This liquid is pumped around the system and gathers heat from your soil which is brought into the home and heats your water supply. This gives you warm water and heats your central heating system.

Inside your home, the standard system won't require much of a change. The technology is usually no bigger than a traditional boiler and looks similar to an upright fridge freezer. As these units are almost completely silent you won't notice any disruption at all.

As your soil maintains a constant moderate to high temperature (even in winter), Ground Source Heat Pumps are ideal for the UK and can act as a complete standalone system, lowering your dependence on gas, oil or electric as a much more efficient way to heat your home and radically reducing your carbon footprint.