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Have You Taken Advantage of the Feed In Tariff Yet?

Cited last year as one of the top 5 investments you could make by The Times newspaper, Solar PV has enjoyed a huge boost thanks to Feed in Tariffs, which give you money for generating your own electricity. Sadly, a suprising amount of households are still wary of making the investment and adding Solar PV to their roofs or gardens.

With a guaranteed 25 year return from the Feed In Tarrif incentive, Solar PV does seem to be too good to be true to the sceptical minded, but in this particular instance the figures have been weighted so that households do get a good return to encourage them to use solar electricity. It sounds too good to be true, but in actual fact Solar PV is just a great investment.

In this case, it pays to be optimistic. The scheme works to attract all of those people with south-facing roofs or gardens who don't mind making the commitment to using their own equity to pay for the installation. If the government were to make the initial outlay by creating solar energy farms it would cost billions. By introducing the Feed In Tarrif scheme the government will pay more in the long run, but won't incur extra national debt in the meantime. It will also hit its own green energy targets, which must be met by 2020 as a worldwide initiative to reduce escalating CO2 emissions.

Solar PV has many advantages and isn't just for those who have a green agenda. Although it does contribute to the green effort, solar panel systems can give your home or business free electricity all year long (even on cloudy days), and as mentioned they can make you money. Even if you take out a loan to pay for your Solar PV, standard loan rates suggest that an average Solar PV set-up installed under optimum conditions will generate the user an income of between £10,000-12,000 over the products lifetime.

It seems that Solar PV offers many advantages right now and few drawbacks. But, only early adopters will gain the full benefit of this technology, so are you making Solar PV work for you yet? If the answer is no, then what is stopping you?

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