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Ground Source Heat Pumps are the Future

Gas prices are going to continue to rise, but that won't be much of a concern to the growing number of households that have embraced the geothermal heating technology known as Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Depending on your preferred method of central heating this technology could save you as much as £900 a year, according to Energy Saving Trust, not to mention a considerable saving in carbon emissions and giving you a much more convenient method of heating than LPG.

If you're currently using on-grid services to heat your home the news seems bleak. Energy costs are likely to rise indefinitely and may never fall. In addition to this, Ofgem are looking into two areas in regards to how your energy is being sold, firstly concerning confusing bills that consumers believe are deliberately misleading and secondly looking at the 'excessive profits' utilities companies are making. In terms of on-grid energy, there is quite frankly no good news for the future.

So, what can Ground Source Heat Pumps actually do for you? Well, quite a lot as it happens. Each installation is bespoke, so you will get to choose just how much of a contribution renewable energy will make to your household; although most households will generally want to use the system as a complete replacement for a traditional heating system. This will cut heating costs. Thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive those who install renewable heat energy systems (using a MCS accredited company) will be able to generate a tax free income for every unit of heating generated. In addition to these benefits, your house will naturally rise in value thanks to this technology and you will lower your carbon footprint.

Ground Source Heat Pumps are a proven technology that have been used for decades in the UK and the rest of Europe and is extremely common in Scandinavia. The fact that it can work in extremely low temperatures has made this technology an affordable and increasingly popular method of heating and has contributed to a rise in renewable energy in Scotland where it is becoming a much more attractive alternative to LPG and other off-grid fuels.

Due to the combination of oil becoming more expensive to produce and consumer complaints that LPG suppliers have potentially been price-fixing during winter months (leading to an Office of Fair Trading investigation) whatever you currently use, it is difficult to avoid the increasing cost of energy. The facts seem to point to one conclusion - you will incur higher costs to heat your home in the future if you don't turn to renewable energy.

The UK aims to produce 20% of its energy by 2020 as part of the EU's renewable energy target, however due to relatively slow take-up we are falling behind the targets to reduce our carbon emissions. But, thanks to larger projects gaining exposure for Ground Source Heat Pumps – like the One New Change shopping centre's geothermal heating – people will begin to see that this technology is working for us on both the large and small scale.

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