YRES Limited

Air Source Heat Pumps Yorkshire

YRES - Yorkshire Renewable Energy Solutions - sources, supplies and implements a range of innovative and modern renewable energy technology, for both domestic and commercial use. We provide many customers with effective and sustainable solutions for electricity, water and heating, meeting the demands of today and reclaiming wasted energy. Based in Wakefield we are well situated to offer our services across the North of England and with our experience and knowledge we can advise you on the most effective solutions for you and your money.

Amongst our cutting edge products are the Air Source Heat Pumps; they include many benefits including cutting your heating bills by up to 40%. They are also extremely efficient being able to work all year round, even when temperatures are as low as -15c. This system can be installed in both old and new buildings and is easy to fit to either the ground or a wall as it does not require extensive ground works, making it appropriate for many premises.

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the air, increases this heat and then channels it into your existing central heating inside your building for an even and constant temperature, making this an efficient way to reduce emissions and energy bills. With government schemes in place which pay you to be eco-friendly, it is a viable and affordable option to have these systems installed and save yourself money. This system means you will not have to rely on fuel deliveries, especially at peak times in the winter, and you can avoid the costly prices of gas and oil. If you would like to benefit from Air Source Heat Pumps in Yorkshire, please give us a call today on 0845 5198 854 or email us at info@yres.co.uk ad we will be happy to assist you.